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Instant discovery synthesis
your team can access in chat.

Our platform reads your interview transcripts, evaluates your hypotheses, and brings those results into chats with your team.


Discovery Insight Platform

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Keep your team aligned with all the data at your fingertips.

They ask questions. 


You have answers.

Instantly evaluate hypotheses across all your interviews. Zero tags required.

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Upload your transcripts and define your hypotheses. Our AI will read everything and understand context without any tags or comments.

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Immediately see which hypotheses were validated in each interview, with relevant quotes extracted as evidence. Our AI combs through hours of conversation in seconds.

Easily bring discovery into decisions that matter

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Go as deep as you want with all the data at your fingertips

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Our Team

We come from world-class institutions with deep experience in AI, product design, and management

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We envision a world where every voice carries weight, where the cries of the few are heard, and where the people who would serve them have a limitless ability to hear and respond. We believe in the power of empathy, of listening deeply to the people you serve and reflecting on their lived experiences.

We believe in the capacity of innovators everywhere to tackle the world's most difficult problems. Customer discovery is just the start. We see potential for societies to become stronger as they become more connected. We see constructive dialogue unfolding at a global scale. We see new systems that will reverse the direction of public discourse from entropy to crystallization. 

We believe in the power of self-reflection, at the individual, community, and societal level. We see large language models  (LLMs) as tools to reveal ways we can evolve, to find the common thread between our pains and light our path towards healing. We believe AI can enable human alignment, and in a virtuous cycle we humans will align AI. 

We see a future empowered by the tech we build. At FindOurView, we use the collective intelligence of humans and AI to embody the voice of many cries. Our systems amplify nuance to drive empathic conversations, obsessive human insight, and confident decisions.

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