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Turn Consumer Reviews into Engaging Stories

Write Product Guides Your Readers Can Relate To

Use case
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The Problem

Digital Work Life

Text-based consumer feedback such as product reviews and surveys contain valuable insights but require a high level of human effort to process. Despite many analysis tools on the market, professionals still need to spend a lot of time manually categorizing themes in the data and connecting the dots between them. 

Our Solution

To address this unmet need, we built an analysis platform that uses state of the art AI and NLP to identify important themes in thousands of responses, distill them into short summaries, and reveals the relationships between them. 

Our Product


Get a summary of important feedback

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Our Proprietary AI/ML algorithms detect the most important customer thoughts, and construct them into related themes and core insights. 

So you don’t have to spend more time choosing only 1 or 2 comments from a theme group anymore.


Understand the impact on your product

Quantify customers’ thoughts by themes and views (sub-themes) so you know exactly how relevant or important they are to your product.  


No more ambiguity.

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See the interplay

between themes

Understand the degree of overlap between customers’ views at a glance. 


So you don't have to look at each of them in a vacuum any more.

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Easy process


No more hours of manually reading through comments or complicated IT set up. 


Just send us your data and collect results.


The world is filled with many different voices today. We need technology that empowers us to understand them quickly and clearly. This is important because it would enable us to make better-informed decisions faster and build empathy into our interactions with each other, whether it's at home or at work. 

At FindOurView, we are using the collective intelligence of humans and machines (AI / NLP) to identify context in user-generated content and distill them into core insights. We envision our patent-pending technology will become a new standard to reveal insights in complex situations, helping large groups reach consensus and desired outcomes. 


----  Commercial Use Cases  ----

Editorial product reviews


Help writers and editors go through the rigorous product research process faster, so they can put more time into their writing.

Order fulfillment


Help business analysts make actionable recommendations faster, to reduce losses caused by returns and low ratings. 

Customer research

Team Meeting

Help consumer insight teams understand the drivers behind the ratings in product reviews, to drive higher customer happiness.

----  Civic Use Case  ----


Our broader vision is to accelerate mutual understanding in communities globally by giving people tools that help them discover different perspectives and find common ground. 


Our Team


George Whitfield


MIT startups, complex systems modeling


Rita Ma 

Marketing Lead

Multi-cultural marketing communication


Mohit Juneja

Dir. of Machine Learning

Enterprise analytics, machine learning, NLP

josh 1.jpg

Josh Harding

Dir. of Full-Stack 


Web/mobile apps, enterprise infrastructure 


Lucas Furtado



Responsive web design, user interaction

Our Advisors


Lara Bathurst

   Strategy Advisor

Harvard BA Econ, USC MBA, corporate finance

Rene Chen.jpg

Rene Chen
Design Adivisor

MIT BS, RISD MID, innovation designer, 20 women in tech


Thomas Vogel

Marketing Advisor

Creativity specialist, experienced marketer


Partners & Supporters

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More to come. Stay tuned!

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