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Smart engagement platform driven by

human and machine collective intelligence 



We are designing a new space for people to consume information and communicate online. A space embedding empathy into our interactions with each other. We believe this is important because it helps us understand how others feel when we have different opinions. 


At FindOurView, we achieve this by putting the user in the center of our design and empowering them with collective intelligence. You can explore the world through different perspectives and find common ground with just one click. By doing so, we can collaborate in new ways and make smarter decisions.



We are building a smart engagement platform with a built-in Lens that lets you see other people’s perspectives and discover agreement in discussions on any given topics, in real time. These perspectives are constructed with our patent-pending technology. We envision our system will become a new standard for unveiling insights in complex situations, helping large groups reach faster consensus and better outcomes. 


Imagine if you could see the world through the eyes of any group to appreciate different perspectives. Imagine if you could quickly understand collective opinion on any topic in public discourse, in real time. Imagine if you could solve a conflict by showing people what exactly their agreements/disagreements are. What would life be like? We believe FindOurView can make this happen. 


Currently we are exploring pilot studies in civic engagement with universities and civic organizations. From there we intend to expand to a broad range of applications. 

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through different perspectives

We are working hard on our beta product release. 

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George Whitfield


10+ yrs multi-startup leader, founder




Our diverse team covers core areas of business, technology, finance and marketing. 

Lara Bathurst

Finance & Bus. Dev.

Harvard BA Econ, USC MBA, ACCA
10+ yrs corporate finance, banking

Rita Ma 

Marketing Lead

BS, 2x MS in China, Japan, USA
5+ yrs digital marketing, 4x lingual 

Rene Chen
Product, UX Design

MIT BS, RISD MID; design specialist
Rev Boston 20 Women in Tech

Kinhong Kan

MIT MEng EECS, multi-startup CTO
20+ yrs enterprise software infrastructure




Our advisors bring experience and perspective to our mission. 

Thomas Vogel

Marketing Communication

Emerson College Prof; creativity specialist
Global media firm founder, 30+ yrs industry




Station1 is building a foundation for the university of the future through a new educational model based on inclusion and equity.

A collaboration between all five schools at MIT to strengthen the vibrant culture and programming
of innovation and principled entrepreneurship.

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Goodwin Procter brings a comprehensive, coordinated approach that interconnects business, new technologies and the law.

Screenshot from 2020-03-31 23-18-43.png

America’s Path Forward is an initiative to solicit and bring forward questions that the public feels our nation must address.

More to come. Stay tuned!



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